Pleasant Ridge Union School District Parents' Club

PRUSD Parents' Club Grant Information- 2009

The grant allocation committee has reviewed the proposals and made the following determination:
Motion by Sue Botsford, second by Cherry Hood to approve $2000 to Magnolia and $2667 to each of the elementary schools.  The use of these funds will be limited to the submitted proposals that focus on efforts to upgrade the technology at each school site.  The specific use of these funds will be left to the decision of the committee representatives from each of the school sites.  Note:  Jim Meshwert encouraged the use of Parents Club funds for items that are tangible.

Proposals that are eligible for funding as follows:

  • #1 Mag - Computers for Lab
  • #2 Mag - Ram for Rattler PIT
  • #4 AS- Merrill Document Camera
  • #5 AS- Computers for  Lab
  • #6 CH - Computers for Lab
  • #7/8 PR - ceiling mounts & electrical work for projectors

You can check out the summary of proposals below.

 Summary of Grant Requests



The District Parents' Club has identified $10,000 in surplus funds that were accumulated over the last several years and will be distributing those funds to the schools within the PRUSD based on a grant process. The process is open to just about anyone who has a great idea about how to improve the educational experience for the students of PRUSD. 

We would like to get as many people thinking creatively about what they could do to make a difference in our schools.  Proposals are due to the District Office no later than May 1st and fund allocations will be determined by committee by June1st.

The PRDPC allocations committee is comprised of:

  • PRDPC officers
  • Principal or appointed rep from each school
  • Parents Club representative from each school
  • PRUSD board member
  • Jim Meshwert, Superintendent

 Grant Process and Application